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Video lar oss fortelle de store historiene til vårt folk, heller enn vår egen

Hvordan krisen i Venezuela påvirker de som forlot landet

How the crisis in Venezuela impacts those who left

The crisis in Venezuela doesn't just impact those who live there. Mic spoke to expats on how the unrest is affecting them – and what they're doing to help out.

Posted by Mic on lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

El chigüire bipolar


A group of young people created this concept to try to outsmart censorship with humor in Venezuela. This video was presented in Oslo freedom forum 2017 and awarded the Vaclav Havel prize for creative dissent.

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Kort film om demonstrasjoner i Venezuela

Se en kort film om demonstrasjoner i Venezuela. (med spansk tale)

Reasons Venezuela is a Total Disaster - Joanna Rants

You may have seen it in the news but Venezuela is on the brink of total disaster. The thing is, few people understand how the country with the biggest oil reserves in the world got there. Joanna is here to break it down for us the best she can…but she only scratches the surface.#prayforVenezuela

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3 Ways to Help Venezuela - Joanna Rants

Hi friends. I'm taking a break from my usual funny videos to post this important message about Venezuela.

Category: Politics, Humanitarian help, Informative 

#ReporteSemanal - What's happening in Venezuela? - El profesor Briceno

Category: Satirics, Politics, Informative

Venezuela's Crisis Explained - The Daily Conversation

A short video about Venezuela: The current situation in Venezuela is about as bad as it gets for a country not at war. This video was published in june 2016. The statistics, numbers, crimes and the inflation rate have increased significantly since then. 

Category: Informative

What Is Going On In Venezuela?

“They are just people” - Footage Shot by Braulio Jatar 

A short video explaining the actual situation in Venezuela from a normal venezuelan guy. This video was published in august 2016. The statistics, numbers, crimes and the inflation rate have increased significantly since then. 

Category: Informative, Experiences

Breaking Point: Venezuela's Horrific Food, Medicine Shortage: Part 1 and 2 - ABC News

The country's severe economic crisis has created widespread corruption and goods shortages, leaving many families without basic essentials. 

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People Try The Venezuelan Diet - Pero Like videos

“If this doesn’t scream crisis, I don’t know what does."

Category: Satirics

When Insanity Becomes Normal - Venezuela - Created by Henry Reich

A Short video about Venezuela published in april 2014.  At this point it isn't clear what any of us outside of Venezuela can do to help those inside the country - and this has been hard for me to stomach. Perhaps one of the best things I can do is to provide emotional support. 

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Antonieta Lopez in Ramo Verde prision - BBC HardTalk

Antonieta Lopez is the mother of Leopoldo Lopez. Leopoldo Eduardo López Mendoza (born 29 April 1971) is a venezuelan politician, activist, and a political prisioner. Opinion polls in late 2014 showed that López was among the most popular politicians in Venezuela. He called for peaceful protest in 2014 called "La Salida" (The way out). A lot of people were marching since that day. He was arrested on 18 February 2014 and charged with arson and conspiracy; murder and terrorism charges were dropped. Human rights groups expressed concern that the charges were politically motivated. He is now a prisioner in "Ramo Verde"The journalist from the BBC, Stephen Sackur, went to Ramo Verde with Leopoldo´s mother. This video is a short film from the TV show HardTalk, BBC. 

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BBC HARDtalk on the road in Venezuela

Published 19 april 2017. As anti-government demonstrations sweep across Venezuela anger over the country’s economic and political crisis grows.
Shortages of food, medicine and other basic supplies, and an inflation rate thought to have topped 1000%, have left more than 80% of Venezuelans living in poverty.
Recently opposition leaders accused President Nicolas Maduro of mounting a coup against democracy when he tried and failed to abolish the powers of the opposition-controlled National Assembly. The socialist President claims that the United States and other western powers are colluding with domestic enemies of the socialist revolution.
Though foreign journalists are mostly banned from the oil rich nation, Stephen Sackur presents this special edition of HARDtalk on the road from Venezuela.

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A humanitarian crisis is taking place in Venezuela, and the Maduro government watches while its citizens starve. As the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro has seen the crisis in Venezuela intensify. In vivid detail, Luis describes how the government has responded to peaceful protests with imprisonment, intimidation, and violence. Appealing to our collective ideals of freedom, Luis reminds us that democracy and fundamental rights are not simply words on paper: they must exist in reality.

Category: politics, opinion, informative, human rights


Turkish author Elif Shafak doesnt talk about Venezuela directly. She in a every elegant and calm way explain what a democracy is and how important is to be aware of that.

Authoritarianism is on the rise in Turkey and around the world. Turkish author Elif Shafak shares how writers often fall victim to self-censorship in these climates of repression, but they also play a critical role in challenging sexism, islamism, and authoritarianism. In today's world, writers cannot afford to be apolitical. Defending democracy goes beyond the ballot box — it requires citizen engagement. Elif calls on all of us to become activists for democracy and stand in solidarity with those who oppose tyranny worldwide.

Category: politics, opinion, informative, human rights

Will people power force change in Venezuela? - Inside Story published 5. mai 2017

With the world's highest inflation rate, food shortages and a month of deadly riots, support for Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro appears to be running out.

Category: politics, informative

'Green Helmets' Give Aid to Venezuela Protesters

Do you know something about the "Los Cascos Verdes" (Green Helmets)?

Category: informative, human rights

Venezuela's ‘Green Cross’: First aiders on the front line

This week start out in Venezuela, where two months of daily protests have left almost 80 people dead and hundreds more injured. With the support of firefighters and health professionals, a group of young medical students have set up a medical body to treat those who have been injured in the clashes with police. Our correspondents on the ground have more.

 Category: informative, human rights


John Oliver - Unrest in Venezuela - published 23. mai 2016

What is wrong with Venezuela?

Category: satirics, politics, opinion, informative

Why are people in oil-rich Venezuela going hungry? BBC News

Venezuela is going through a national food crisis that's seeing many people struggling to eat proper meals. President Maduro blames the crisis on an 'economic war' designed to topple his government, but critics accuse him of mismanagement.

Venezuela Undercover. Published 20. mars 2017

It's got more oil than any country on the planet but its people eat garbage and gangsters rule. Defying a media ban, Eric Campbell goes undercover in the onetime socialist idyll of Venezuela.

What's happening in Venezuela? | CNBC Explains Published 22. desember 2017

Venezuela is amidst its worst economic crisis in decades. So how did such an oil-rich state collapse so catastrophically? Tom Chitty reports.

Lawlessness and lynchings in Venezuela. France 24 English. Published  30. september 2016

With the greatest oil riches in the world, Venezuela’s people seek food in rubbish ... the elderly faint in lines to seek food and medicines. It’s as if we are victims of a curse.


President, Venezuela’s National Assembly